MORGAN - Update


Thank you so much for your generosity. Morgan is doing better by the day, we have the ultra sound scheduled for next Tuesday to see if we can determine the cause, as of right now we believe that it was due to a calcium carbonate build up in the bladder. We have taken steps to adjust her diet to detox the system and prevent this from happening again.

We were able to raise the following thanks to people like you:

PayPal: $717

Venmo: $25

GoFundMe: $330

One Horse at a Time supporters: $302

Total Donations prior to ultrasound: $1374

Shotzy Memorial Fund Balance: $275

This fund is being created in memory of Shotzy (the mother and grandmother of a lot of the horses on the farm) to be used for emergency vet care.

Ultrasound donation: $282.18

If you have any questions about her treatment or status you can reach out directly through facebook or contact myself: 

Morgan is our 6 year old rescue. She came to us about 6 months ago after her previous owner could no longer care for her due to illness. Today we are seeking donations to help cover her vet expenses and ultrasound imaging to determine what is going on with her. She began showing signs of pain on Friday 4/5, and we had the vet come out both Saturday and Sunday for emergency visits. To this point we are not sure about what is the problem but we have a few ideas. The vet found blood in her urine which leads us to believe she might have kidney stones. In order to be 100% sure we need more funding to have a vet come out to do an ultrasound on her. The other option it could be is a tumor which we are not sure what would involve yet but till then, We ask if you can please donate so we can help out this poor young girl feel better. Jane has been at the farm since Saturday sleeping out next to the ring to monitor Morgan so she doesn't hurt herself further. Any amount helps significantly, and if you cant give make sure to share Morgan's story, to help better her odds.